Friday, December 29, 2006

New floor- Dec 23rd,

Two days before Christmas we decided to rip out our carpet and install this pergo flooring. We bought the flooring months ago but haven't had time to put it in.

We decided at 8:00 pm on Friday to tackle the projects. We removed the carpet that night and started working again the next morning.

Our neighbor, Ben, came and showed us how to do it. He stayed and helped for 4 hours. What a nice guy! Carl and Ben worked hard and finished the room that afternoon.

We still need to do the hall but will wait until the holidays are over. We left the carpet down until then.

The floors feel so much cleaner. I love it that the kids can be kids without me stressin and worrying about stains.

The new floor will make it easier for Crew to use his walker. Posted by Picasa


  1. Oh WOW. It's beautiful. I love it.

    How much nicer for Crew to get around on.


  2. Love the floor...
    Great job!


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