Friday, December 15, 2006

Never a dull moment....

Here is this years attempt at getting a decent picture for Christmas cards. However, it seemed to be painfully difficult. I was contemplating running to Kiddee Kandids. I love that place! The photographers are awesome and I always come home happy. Maybe I will still do it.

But this is who we are, RIGHT?

If anyone wants a Christmas card email me at:

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  1. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Lol too cute! I love the first one the most.

  2. Why go somewhere else? These pics are ADORABLE! Perfect for ANYONE who knows your family! :)

  3. Ya know what? I love them.

    Oh Mel I haven't tried this year. I hve had such horrible experiences getting picutres. I hate that Ethan can't sit up.

    I think these are darling!

    I want one!

    4555 Northy Hwy 38



  4. I can't stand it!! They are so super cute! I can just see their personalities shining through!

  5. Mel,
    Handsome, handsome,handsome. I want to know which hospital gave you those kids. I want to go there and get me some handsome kids. Give each one of those cuties a big high five for me.


  6. Anonymous3:14 PM

    It took 17 shots of Livie to get a somewhat decent card!! 3 boys- I can't even imagine trying to do that! (Although we did a family picture with 7 kids in the summer. THAT was interesting!!)

  7. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Those photos are fantastic. I know what you are saying about difficulties getting good shot. I have three boys (soon to be four) and one of them always has either a dopey look on their face, a poked out tongue or closed eyes. *Sigh*. I've given up!

  8. Melanie your boys are so darling!


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