Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye July

Once again, another one of my favorite summer months has come to an end. My lack of blogging truly is an indication of how busy summers can be. What happened to the carefree days of summer anyway?

The boys and I have enjoyed the pool several times, a Bee's game, 3 baseball games a week, fireworks, a race or two and lots of Popsicles.

We've seen a change in Crew this past month. His moods are all over the place... giggling from deep within one minute and a full blown tantrum the next. That boy is one passionate kid! I see an adorable boy who only wants one thing... to DO and BE what the other boys are. Like I've said before it takes the whole family and then some to be his legs and arms, his voice. We are all exhausted by noon day and then there are still so many hours to go...

The nights are out of control. He is up 4 or 5 times a night now climbing out of his bed and fumbling around in the dark. He screams and cries and then we go through the whole calming routine to get him to sleep again only to have him wake up as I gently "try" to sneak back to my room. I can get by with 6 hours of sleep but 4 or 5 is really pushing it.

With his passion comes a drive that we haven't seen before. Crew is trying to get up (vertical) all the time now. I can proudly say that Crew officially learned to "pull to stand" this month. He has done it multiple times. The first time it happened I was making dinner. He was in one of his bad moods and I was doing my best to ignore him. Finally, I turned around and there he was standing up!!! One hand was gripped tightly to the arm rest, the rest of his body in flex mode and he was screaming! Startled, I said something like, "Oh, Crew look at you standing up, Look how big you are" as I quickly rushed to his aid. Instantly he started to giggle and then he beamed, so proud!

What will August bring?

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