Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Lucky for me, all 3 boys LOVE the water! It didn't start this way though. I remember when S was 5 years old. I had him signed up for a beginners swim class and I was in a Parent/tot class with H. After the first 2 days I was really frustrated because the teachers weren't able to coax S into the water. I pulled the teacher aside and told her that when I signed him up I specifically asked which class would be appropriate for a child that is scared of the water and this is where they wanted him. If I recall correctly, I politely stated that either they get him in the water that day (which was the 3rd day of class) or I wanted my money back. Needless to say he came home wet that day. On the way home we stopped at Kmart to look at bikes. I bribed S to complete the class willingly and in return I would buy him a bicycle. LOL. Can you believe I was so desperate!!! Good times. Last summer I noticed a special needs kiddo taking lessons with this guy. I asked the manager (my neighbor) about it and she said he had done that for several years. "Would he take Crew?", I asked, "Oh, and how much?". I thought it would be really expensive to have a private lesson but she said he just likes doing it and they would only charge me the same as a group lesson. Wow! We got him signed up this year and he loved every minute of it. It's such great exercise for Crew, he has fun and then takes a NAP. Couldn't get any better than that!
Here is the boy that once wouldn't get near the water. This is his first time taking the diving class. The teacher said he's never had a kid progress so fast. The first day S had never really dived before and by the end of the class he was so close to completing a 150 front flip. The guards were really excited about it!

3rd day of class... perfecting the dive.
H had a fun time this year too! Like Crew, H has never feared water. Swimming lessons are great in that each kid can progress at their own rate, its really low key and tons of fun. It looks like H is starting to favor those individual sports and that's okay with me:)

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