Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Staying active

Basketball season is already over! S had a good season. We loved the coach and S made some new friends. It’s been fun to see him progress over the years. The boys his age are starting to play some great ball! We finished up the tournament last week and they got 2nd place in their division. Friday night is the “end of season” party… pizza and the movie “Monsters vs. Aliens”. He is excited.

Now it’s time to move more seriously into “Half—Marathon” training. Last weeks long run was 9 miles. We had an interesting run… ending up in unchartered territory. After running into a dead end, we had to jump two fences and a ditch, climb an embankment and make a bathroom pit stop. It was all my fault and S had a hard time getting into the groove after that. Miles 4 – 6 were a little rough but we kept it going and S got his second wind apparently because after we hit 9 miles he decided to throw in ONE more to make it 10! I had to rescue the babysitter, so I stopped at 9 and he continued. My legs were tired but I finished up Saturday’s run with a weekly total of 30. I’m happy with that.

This week is lots of prep work on our basement project. We are picking out paint and carpet and starting to make some progress… FINALLY. Yeah!

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