Friday, March 13, 2009


Originally I started this blog in hopes that my husbands side of the family would get more involved with my 3 boys. Not really to "get more involved" as much as just being more informed. They don't know Crew very well as we really don't get together with them often. I was going through some turmoil when I started this blog three years ago dealing with all of the diagnosis and medical issues. Every time my MIL called she would ask if he was talking yet or walking yet. Then she always said, "Aunt Doris is really worried that he won't talk". Well duh, so were we! The thing is... Aunt D isn't a part of our lives at all. Why in the world does she care anyway.

Well you guessed it... the in-laws haven't spent any time on this blog or I wouldn't be talking about them. Its not because I haven't mentioned it or sent the blog link to their email multiple times. They simply just don't care!

Last sunday, we decided to drive down south and join them for a birthday party. We were all sitting around eating and Crew was slumped on the couch. My MIL was looking for a place to sit and someone pointed to a spot on the couch next to Crew and said, "Mom, why don't you have a seat". She said, "I don't want to sit on the BABY", to which I snapped, "He isn't a baby, he's 5 years old!!!"

Some people will just never get it.

On the other hand, I'm grateful for those who do go out of their way for a hug or a hello. Little M always has a hug for Crew. Love is a universal language and you don't need to have verbal skills to show it. Thanks M!

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