Monday, January 26, 2009

Reading Between The Lines

A conversation with Crew's preschool teacher:
Miss K: I'm just calling to see how Crew is doing?

Me: Oh, he's good. Why... did he have a bad day at school today?

Miss K: I just wondered if he wasn't feeling well and/or if he was tired?

Me: Well, he did fall asleep on the bus ride home.... maybe he was tired.

Miss K: When he got to the classroom he just layed on the floor for like 10 minutes. When Clark (deaf therapist) came in and started signing to him he livened up a lot and they started signing to each other. Clark asked him if he was "tired" and (blah blah blah blah blah)... rubbed at his ear....(blah blah blah). I'm trying to learn 3 or 4 new signs a week and use them with Crew. (blah blah blah).

Can you imagine functioning in an environment where your teacher only knows a handful of signs and that is your main form of communication? Can you imagine the frustration, the boredom?

After last weeks IEP, Carl and I have decided its time to take a long hard look at enrolling Crew in the Deaf School. We've decided to take a tour of the school and meet the teachers. Tomorrow I will make that call.

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