Friday, March 07, 2008

Stinky Tricks

I thought I'd share my latest eye patching trick. Tonight when I put the patch on Crew he was so sad. He laid his head to the side and closed the other eye. I really don't think he is seeing too well out of his right eye. I had the bowl of icecream ready and at first he wasn't even interested. How sad is that??? Finally he came around and we spent the first ten minutes eating icecream. If I'm not holding his hands the patch will come off. I tried doing finger plays with him and he wasn't impressed. Then while laying on my back I sat him up on my stomach facing me and we did situps together holding hands. When I went down he popped up and vice versa. Crew thought this was hilarious and was giggling like crazy. This is a boy that also farts when he giggles and then giggles some more:) Needless to say it was one smelly activity.
Crew forgot about the eye patch during all those situps. Everytime I tried to stop he would get mad and then we would have to start up again. Oh, for ABs of Steel! We made it THIRTY MINUTES with the patch tonight! I think I could've made it longer if I had nose plugs and a hot bod!

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