Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random WhatNots

  • I haven't purchased a loaf of bread in over two months. We started grinding our wheat and making the bread ourselves and I love it! I feel like the little red hen;)

  • My favorite time of year is upon us. I was able to spend some time outside yesterday cleaning out my flowerbeds and getting ready for some new spring zeffers. There is so much to do but its always worth it.

  • H's class did a lip sync at school and I was able to go watch it. They performed "Twist and Shout" and he looked great. Seriously, he was the cutest one there:) It was great to see, yet I had one of those sad moments too when it hits me hard thinking what it will be like when Crew gets to be that age. How will we be able to include him in such events?

  • Carl and I quit drinking pop a couple months ago. We haven't sworn it off completely but if you knew how much we (Carl mostly) were drinking before you would be proud!

  • I'm still running and lifting weights everyday. I see subtle changes and feel better in general so it makes the 4:45 am wake up mostly worth it.

  • Spring Break is next week! We've got nothing planned.... Oh, but I'd love to get out of this place.

Lastly, I don't know if I can keep this blogging thing going during the spring months. I'm really running out of things to say and my creative juices are zapped. I've had a hard time as I've watched other kids with similar challenges progress while my little Crew still struggles not only with gross motor and fine motor skills but also speech, hearing, vision, and cognitive development. He is demonstrating some frustrating behaviors and I've swept up one too many ceramic bowls this week. Ya know, if there is going to be a broken dish and I'm stuck cleaning it up, then I would like to be the one that gets the satisfaction of throwing it against the wall- DANG IT!

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