Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Circus Tricks

I mentioned previously that Crew had his 6 month follow-up with the Opthalmologist. His right eye is turning in and the Dr. wants us to patch everyday for a couple hours. The patching isn't going well at all. It takes lots of icecream and circus tricks to keep it on for even 15 minutes- and that is 15 minutes of restraint as well. I've got to come up with some better circus tricks, I guess.

On a medical note: When I asked the Opthalmologist what he could see when his eye is turning in, he said, "Oh, its not like he is seeing double... he just isn't seeing out of that eye. His brain isn't registering anything". Um yah, the Dr. isn't well known for his bedside manner but he is an excellent Dr. and Surgeon.
We have a follow-up in two months but if the patching doesn't improve I think I will move it up. I'm seeing another surgery in the near future:)
Hey, do you'all have any new circus tricks I could learn?

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