Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Triple Header

I have baseball on the brain. S played his 2nd baseball game of the season last night. They lost 7-9. The boys are ages 9- 12 and its his first year for pitching. Last year it was coach pitch but now the boys are learning to pitch and its so stressful watching them struggle. Coach put S in as pitcher the first inning. S had never pitched before. He was a bit rusty but I thought he did a good job for first time. The other team had several good pitchers and we really only have one. 12 year olds are only allowed to pitch one inning and so these younger boys 9 and 10 years old are learning.

H has his first game of machine pitch ball. The league has been taken over by a very disorganized woman. First game is tonight and I still have not been given a game schedule or the jersey. I'm thinking tonights game is going to be very interesting:)

Crew's ear has been draining for almost a week. Today when I took out his hearing aid there was dried blood in there. I'm so worried about his ears and his hearing. We don't need one more setback. Tomorrow morning we have a triple header with Dr. visits: 9:00 Physical Therapy, 10:00 Audiology, 11:30 ENT. Hopefully we will figure out what is going on.

Good news is that I had an excuse to come home early from work today. The babysitter is sick and so I only worked two hours so I could make it home in time to meet the Preschool bus. The weather is beautiful and now I need to go pull some weeds:)

I lost sleep last night over our culdesac woes! A nice quiet family moved out and some witchy weirdo lying ho bought the place. Rumor is that she bought it on a short sale and so hopefully she is just fixing it up to re-sell. She's been scouting out our culdesac for weeks sitting in her car watching our houses and our kids. I finally sent DH out one afternoon to see what was going on because I was concerned about the welfare of our children. She said she was just looking at houses but she drove by several times a day for weeks and now she is acting like she hates all of us! What the hell! Nothing adds up with this woman and I'm so sick of seeing her here! Pray that she never moves in. Gag!


  1. I hope everything goes well with Crew's little ears.
    Very cool about baseball. I love watching Ryker pitch. Hopefully they can get it all organized and it will be fun for the boys.

    ewe... scary lady... that seems incredibly odd... keep us posted.

  2. "some witchy weirdo lying ho" ... LOL That's awesome! Sounds like something I would write. :)
    I hope your appointments go well tomorrow. I still wish we lived closer so we could sign together. :)

  3. Poor Crew, I hope everything goes well.

    The boys both started baseball. It's going to be a crazy season as usual.

    I hope that witchy weirdo doesn't move in.

  4. How did the appointments go today? How are Crew's ears?

    I would hate to have a weirdo on my culdesac. It makes me nervous enough when random people just drive down the culdesac, take a loop and leave.

    Hopefully she doesn't move in!


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