Saturday, May 05, 2007

Random Happenings in the Gizmo Household

  • I spent $15.00 in Bandaids today. S collided with his best friend on his brand new birthday bike. Road rash!
  • Crew lost his hearing aid on the bus Friday. He must've ripped it out because I tape them to his head. It was his right ear which is strange because he has a difficult time reaching his right ear which means it must really be bothering him. The right ear has been draining icky goo for 4 days. I called the ENT on Thursday after 4pm expecting a call back the next morning and they didn't call. I totally forgot about it because I was tied up at work and now its the weekend. After a frantic call to Transportation, his wonderful bus driver found the aid and returned it.
  • Crew and I watched H play soccer during a rainstorm. We huddled under a blanket because I don't own an umbrella and even if I did I probably wouldn't have brought it with me because it was sunny before we left home and I never remember stuff like that. I was pushing Crew in the stroller on the way back to the van and realized he had his head layed back and his mouth open as he was trying to catch a drop or two. Water running down his glasses.... a smile on his face:)
  • Carl took the boys to see Spiderman 3 while I took a nap. Sweet!
  • DH came home early on Friday because the babysitter was sick and I had work stuff to do. Thanks!
  • The basement is sheetrocked. Yeah!
  • DH vacuumed the house:) **There's a first time for everything**
  • My good friend and long lost walking partner (who just had twins) decided she could squeeze walking into her schedule between feedings. I've missed her company terribly over the past 8 months and am very excited to start walking the hills with her again:)
  • It's Saturday night. What more can I say!


  1. Those are some great things at your household! What an awesome DH. ...and super cool about your walking partner! It makes a world of difference to have a friend by your side.

  2. I miss having a work out partner. How fun for you. :)
    Poor S!! Hope he feels better.

  3. I love random, and I am glad you like C's bus driver, ours is um, not so. um.

    Glad they found the aid.

    I love the tape-


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