Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tis the season for Baseball

H and Crew watching the game. Crew does not enjoy going to the games which is really hard because I just want to watch the game but I'm constantly walking him around. We've found that a cup of rootbeer from concessions keeps him happy for a little while.

Before the game. S is playing quite well this season. We have games 3 nights a week plus practices.
This isn't a great picture but I wanted to show the piles of cotton which have fallen off the Cotton Trees. It was coming down so thick that I got some in my eyes. While playing catcher, S lost the ball a couple of times because the cotton behind home plate was 6 inches deep in some areas.


  1. Those are great pictures. Your boys are so handsome!! I love baseball season, the boys are so cute when they play.
    I can't believe that cotton. At first I thought it was snow :) Glad it was cotton!

  2. I remember that stuff. It gets everywhere. Sounds like a busy life with all the games, but a great time for S to learn team playing and the other two to learn patience and sibling support. I obviously think like a mother.

  3. I'm here to ask a very good question are you a sports fan or a sports fanatic?


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