Sunday, August 06, 2006

A year older...

We celebrated H's Birthday this past week. He is the big 7 now! It was a fun weekend. Movies, swimming, picnics and presents. What more could a little boy want? H is our fun loving jokster. He loves people and is happiest when everyone is getting along and "having fun"! While playing with his new toys after the friend party, one of H's friends said, "Here hand that over to your best friend in the whole world"! This kid, J, is a little overbearing at times. H replied, "your not my best friend". OUCH! I held my breath.... "my family is", he finished. Wow! I was so happy. We've been trying to teach the boys that family is most important. As a family, we are here for each other.... we are friends. I guess it finally sunk in. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY H, WE LOVE YOU!

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