Monday, August 07, 2006

Long nights

Crew has never been a good sleeper. The nights when he sleeps through the night are few and far between. As I understand it, this is normal for some children with special needs. The reason why is a post for another day. For the most part, I guess I've mostly gotten use to it. The part I haven't liked is what Crew expects of me when he's awake. After I pick him up he indicates (by fussing and squirming) that he wants me to walk. Okay, I don't know about you but when its 3 am the last thing I want to do is walk around carrying a 20+ lb boy. Sometimes its all I can do to not tip over with exhaustion. However, I am here to report that for the time being I think we have finally passed the "walking around at night" stage. During the past 4 nights (during Crew's awake time) he has allowed me to lay down with him in my bed or on the couch. In fact, I believe he actually likes it. He snuggles real close with his face next to mine and I can smell his hair, feel his soft cheeks and watch him drift off into sweet slumber. The problem is getting up off the couch without waking him. Hmmm......... Okay, all of you parenting experts out there.... I don't even want to hear about all of your sleeping techniques. I've already heard it multiple times from the pediatrician.... how I'm providing him with a positive reward... blah blah blah. Yes, I have tried the cry it out method and he will cry for 4+ hours people. Besides he is just so dang cute. How can I resist?


  1. My almost 3 yo still wakes up everynite and cries for "Choc nilk!" We used to try to let him cry it out and he's so stubborn. 2 hours later he's still crying for chocolate milk. He'll even fall sleep and then wake up and start crying again. Ugh. I tell my dh all the time that our son is so lucky he's cute enough to get away with it!!

  2. Are you SURE your not talking about Jack? Wow, the more I learn about your little man, the more he sounds JUST LIKE JACK!

    Oh, no magic answers here -- for us it's rocking in the chair or laying next to mommy in bed!

    I so hope someone can help us out!!!

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