Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sucky sucky SUCK

My child is severely delayed. SUCKS!

My child isn't making progress. SUCKS!

I just moved my child school districts in hopes of helping him progress. New teacher SUCKS!

I don't think I can trust my instincts. I SUCK!

Crew has not brought home one thing from his class this year. Besides Resource, I haven't seen one stinkin' paper. No art project, no crafts, no coloring cutting or pasting. Crew has not played on the playground equipment at school even ONCE! The teacher has actually parked him in the hall for screaming (which he does when he needs attention or when he is excited).

Not only is he non-verbal but I get rewarded with a handful of hair, a slap in the face, teeth in my flesh....

Oh yeah, and a million kisses when the day is done and again at the start:) I don't know who is more confused... MOM or CHILD.

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