Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's seriously been so long since I've posted that even I was wondering if I was done! This is the first summer that I've worked during the same hours as Carl. It's been an adjustment leaving the kids home alone. Well.... Crew has respite care about 50% of the time but the older boys are doing their own thing when they aren't taking care of brother.

The boys have been really good. I leave them with their job lists and they always get it done before I get home. We've really taken it easy this summer.. no sports. Just scouting and piano for S and therapy for Crew. H has literally taken a huge step back from playing sports. He graduated from the Cub Scout program early so at this point we are just waiting for him to turn eleven so he can start up with scouting again.

Struggling.... yes, we've really been struggling with Crew-- literally! When he is happy he is absolutely delightful but then we have this other little boy who comes out frequently. This other boy is a fighter, a screamer and he is frustrated. So frustrated in fact that I have the bruises to prove it and hair loss too! It really is becoming a huge problem. We dread taking him out in public so much that we avoid it at all costs. If I have to go somewhere, I usually take S to sit with him in the car while I run in to do my errands. We can't make it through church, the movies, or an outing for icecream. It really is interesting. I keep reminding myself that this is the same little fighter that survived a birth without oxygen, 7 days on a respirator, and six-years of rehabilitation. We have many more to go.... I keep hoping to stretch those happy moments out a bit. (Picture taken on the 4th of July while driving through smoke bombs)

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