Monday, February 01, 2010

Snowbasin Dew Tour

A couple weeks ago we went to Snowbasin to watch the Dew Tour. This was my first time visiting Snowbasin other than the night we ran the Wasatch Back. Most of our state has been stuck in an inversion. The ski resort was high enough that we climbed right out of the inversion and into the sun. It was so nice to spend a few hours in the sun. Seriously, I think these long Utah winters can really get to you!

The event was completely free... we even got to ride the high-speed quad up to the half pipe. We climbed up and stood to the side of the half pipe. It was really neat watching the skiers fly up over our heads.

I couldn't believe how many people were totally unprepared for the snow. Probably 90% of women had on Uggs or some knock off or another. Those boots totally suck in the snow and ice. LOL. I really got a kick out of watching these women struggle to climb the hill. Gosh, that really makes me sound cruel doesn't it! Every single time these boots would either cause her to cling to the makeshift fence for dear life or slide down on their backsides.

The boys walked away with lots of free samples... this and that- Beef jerky, Utah Ski stickers, pizza rolls, chapstick.

This guy flew up over our heads and said "hey" when he saw us standing there. Totally cracked us up!

Sheesh, If we had known this giant chipmunk was going to be there we would have totally brought Crewzer along with us. LOL. At least he's warm;)

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