Sunday, January 10, 2010

IEP goals and other random facts

Crew had his annual IEP last Friday! I feel quite good about his IEP team. The PT and OT were there, audiology, speech, special education teacher, and a representative from our home school district. Everyone seems to have Crew's best interest in mind. Creating goals and finding the best fit can be a challenge as each year creates a larger span between him and his peers.

I hate putting it in writing but part of being real is facing the facts... Crew is testing 1 year 9 months in language! This score included sign, verbal, eye gaze, and eyebrow movement as language response.

Crew will be SIX in a few weeks.

*sinking heart*

The school audiologist had another scare for us. At the most recent hearing test, results showed a profound loss in Crew's right ear which means he basically did not respond.

*gulp* and *breathe*

When this was brought to my attention I tried to joke around a bit... "I've been talking in the wrong ear", I said. It wasn't funny.

On a positive note, there is a good chance Crew just wasn't in the mood to be tested. He may have been ignoring the sounds, just because. Sometimes Crew folds in half or shuts down when he isn't happy about something. I'm thinking this is probably what happened but there is always the fear that his hearing loss will continue to progress. More tests will be done again soon.

We elected to keep Crew in the deaf school for another year. I will post his 2010 goals here later this week.

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