Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, To Run

The last couple weeks I've really struggled with my training. My right knee has been bothering me... Iliotibial Band Syndrome, I believe. I hobbled through the half marathon... it wasn't too bad. I just took it slow and enjoyed the scenery.

Over the past month, I've seen a sports dr./chiropractor 4 or 5 times. I've stretched, rolled and iced twice a day. I've also been applying something called Volatrol Gel which is like putting Ibuprofen right on the spot. Monday's run was very discouraging. I was in pain nearly the entire 5 miles. Carl has me taking Glutamine for muscle recovery and TriFlex Sport which supports joint mobility and helps rebuild cartilage (I copied that right from the bottle... I'm so smart).

At the race expo I learned how to tape my knee with the Kinesio tape. I'm a firm believer in the KT tape. We used it for several years on Crew to facilitate muscles in his hands and arms. I saw good results. For sports injuries you can also use the tape to relax the muscle. The difference is in how you apply the tape. Crew's PT spent some time with me last week showing me how to tape common running injuries.

Tonight before my run, I taped my knee. I ran 3.5 miles of hills with NO PAIN. It was very exhilarating to be out there running pain free for the first time in weeks. I could feel that my knee isn't 100% healed but it felt so so much better than earlier this week and I could run!

3.5 miles/30 minutes/8:44 average pace

I can live with that!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


When it comes to blogging, I love reading the crafty blogs. I'm a serious lurker! I always want to try something new but my life just doesn't seem to allow it...
I feel overwhelmed most of the time and starting any project of significance just doesn't seem possible. I was looking around at my house thinking I haven't done anything creative in like FOREVER. To my left and through an open door I saw this wall! Yes, yes, yes, I AM creative!
About a month ago my sisters came and took care of my children while I painted. This wall turned out great! I LOVE IT! I used 3 shades of blue and 2 shades of brown. Now, if I could just purchase the blinds:)

Friday, May 22, 2009


Sometimes I feed Crew his dinner while he is in the bathtub... because on that particular day, it may be the only distraction that works. the end.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's addicting

Sorry for yet another running post! I can't help myself.

Ogden 1/2 Marathon: Great friends, Gorgeous scenery, Beautiful Day. Can't wait until next year:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a quick update

First of all, I want to say "thanks" to my readers (all 5 of you) for your concern, thoughts and prayers on behalf of Crew. Who would've known it would be such a rough year yet we are constantly blessed having Crew in our lives.

I'm going to try and address some of the current happenings with Crew.

Powerchair: The powerchair that was donated to us back in December... then totalled by the airline is now being fixed. The airline paid out for damages but we found out our cost to adapt the chair for Crew was going to be $1600.00. This is the cost of a joystick and a seat cushion. The child who had the chair before us didn't use a joystick. He drove it with a headpiece and the seat is too large for Crew. Consequently, we decided it might be in our best interest to purchase the demo chair instead. The demo chair fits Crew perfectly and since that particular chair is being discontinued we could get it for a good price. Now, we are going through the grueling process of getting insurance to purchase the chair.

Preschool: The move to the deaf school has been good for Crew. His sign language has picked up and he is making progress. The hours are long and that has been a legitimate concern. He is gone all day and when he comes home he is exhausted. It's all I can do to keep him happy until bedtime. On the other hand, the school change has been tough because we don't have as much time with him to work on PT.

Mobility: His hamstrings are very very tight and I'm having quite a time finding time to stretch him. We realized the other day that he isn't crawling anymore. He can still do it if you coax him but instead of roaming the house like he use to, he just sits there and cries until you pick him up. I really don't know if his wheelchair injury is keeping him from moving around or if its just the tight hamstrings. At our last botox appt., we had injections in his gastrocs but not his hamstrings. I think that might have been a mistake.

Social: The last few days have been a pick-me-up as I've seen his mood improve immensely. Crew has been so snuggly and showers us with hugs and kisses constantly. I'm so thankful for this! Outside of family, Crew's social life consists of adults... his PT, his teacher, my friends. It pains me knowing the other neighborhood children are participating in playdates and he is obviously excluded. Crew doesn't even respond when they say "hello" so naturally his circle of friends is basically non-existent. The twins (2-years old) are so sweet to him... I just wish we could develop some basic social skills.

Health: We haven't seen any seizures for two weeks now. Crew is rebuilding his strength since his injury and I hope to see more walking in the future. I am diligently trying to get the constipation under control. It's been really bad and we are using Miralax, Ducolax, Senekot, and enema's. I feel so bad. His eating habits are horrible. He lives off of oatmeal, potatoes, yogurt, pancakes, and eggs. He won't drink juice and fruits/veggies are out of the question with the exception of some occasional applesauce. Most of his food aversions have to do with sensory issues. He is so grossed out by the texture of foods. I'm very worried about his eating. It's frustrating and stressful. It takes an enormous amount of time to feed him and cannot be accomplished without games and distractions. Getting his food and meds down him before the bus comes has been quite the task!

Keep us in your prayers. Love you all!

Friday, May 08, 2009

This Makes Me SMILE

Before the race...

"Running 4 The Kids" again. 100% of race proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital. We decided to include the whole family this year.

S got another 5K personal record (23:54). I'm not sure I can keep up with that anymore!

H also did really well but he was having some abdominal pain quite likely due to the late night birthday party the previous night. We stuck together... rain and all!

My first time racing with the jogger. I'll tell ya, it was tough. The stroller naturally veers to the right and my knee was quite tender from Friday's long run.
The rain didn't start until we were into the run so there was no turning back. Not that I would've...
Nearly everyone that passed us commented they wished to trade places with Crew. He was lucky enough to be somewhat shielded from the rain but when we crossed the finish I realized his jeans were soaked. A spectator was kind enough to take these pictures and while they aren't the clearest, if you look close you will see Crew's GRIN. He is loving this!
Pictures aren't in order... Carl crossed the finish while it was just starting to drizzle. I believe he got a PR also but I'm not quoting any times here;)
After the race... huddling together hoping for a prize!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Growing up

Sunday was definitely a day to remember. S graduated from Primary and received his "Faith in God" award. The highlight was S getting ordained by his father. I know he is ready for this transition. I'm constantly amazed at what this kid knows and understands. It will be a huge blessing for all of us to have another priesthood holder in the home. The spirit was strong and I will never forget the feeling.

All the grandparents were there which meant a lot to us. Crew was having one of his moments so Brother Ames stayed out in the hall with him. I can't believe S is in Young Mens now.... where has the time gone?

For more about what we believe go here. For specifics about the priesthood look here.