Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh, To Run

The last couple weeks I've really struggled with my training. My right knee has been bothering me... Iliotibial Band Syndrome, I believe. I hobbled through the half marathon... it wasn't too bad. I just took it slow and enjoyed the scenery.

Over the past month, I've seen a sports dr./chiropractor 4 or 5 times. I've stretched, rolled and iced twice a day. I've also been applying something called Volatrol Gel which is like putting Ibuprofen right on the spot. Monday's run was very discouraging. I was in pain nearly the entire 5 miles. Carl has me taking Glutamine for muscle recovery and TriFlex Sport which supports joint mobility and helps rebuild cartilage (I copied that right from the bottle... I'm so smart).

At the race expo I learned how to tape my knee with the Kinesio tape. I'm a firm believer in the KT tape. We used it for several years on Crew to facilitate muscles in his hands and arms. I saw good results. For sports injuries you can also use the tape to relax the muscle. The difference is in how you apply the tape. Crew's PT spent some time with me last week showing me how to tape common running injuries.

Tonight before my run, I taped my knee. I ran 3.5 miles of hills with NO PAIN. It was very exhilarating to be out there running pain free for the first time in weeks. I could feel that my knee isn't 100% healed but it felt so so much better than earlier this week and I could run!

3.5 miles/30 minutes/8:44 average pace

I can live with that!

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