Friday, May 08, 2009

This Makes Me SMILE

Before the race...

"Running 4 The Kids" again. 100% of race proceeds go to Primary Children's Hospital. We decided to include the whole family this year.

S got another 5K personal record (23:54). I'm not sure I can keep up with that anymore!

H also did really well but he was having some abdominal pain quite likely due to the late night birthday party the previous night. We stuck together... rain and all!

My first time racing with the jogger. I'll tell ya, it was tough. The stroller naturally veers to the right and my knee was quite tender from Friday's long run.
The rain didn't start until we were into the run so there was no turning back. Not that I would've...
Nearly everyone that passed us commented they wished to trade places with Crew. He was lucky enough to be somewhat shielded from the rain but when we crossed the finish I realized his jeans were soaked. A spectator was kind enough to take these pictures and while they aren't the clearest, if you look close you will see Crew's GRIN. He is loving this!
Pictures aren't in order... Carl crossed the finish while it was just starting to drizzle. I believe he got a PR also but I'm not quoting any times here;)
After the race... huddling together hoping for a prize!

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