Monday, December 15, 2008

Artificial All the WAY

With only 10 days until Christmas I did the unexpected today...

Removed tree ornaments
Removed tree lights
Hauled our dried, crispy tree to the backyard firepit in anticipation of future bonfire spectacular.
Vacuumed up a boat load of dead pine needles
Scrubbed and shampoo carpet where tree stand made a stain.

Received refund for Dried Dead Tree
Purchased Artificial Pre-Lit Tree
Assembled beautiful clean 7 1/2 foot tree
Plugged in lights
Redecorated tree
Read "The Littlest Angel" to 3 happy boys while snuggling around the Christmas tree.
Indulged in Icecream over Brownies.
Called it a night.

Some days are productive like that! NOT. I learned my lesson: No more live trees for me. It's too much hassle and things get ruined. Oh, and I can get that same pine scent from my Reed Diffuser:)

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