Monday, October 06, 2008

Random Thoughts

It seems the longer I go without posting, the harder it is to recap the day/weekend.
  • Conference weekend was great! I didn't do a good job of taking notes but I did try to listen to all 8 hours. I really enjoyed the spirit of the meetings and I'm excited to see the Conference podcasts already sitting in my inbox. yeah!

  • My Mizunos have over 350 miles on them and I started getting pains so I broke down and bought a new pair of running shoes. SAUCONY this time! Unfortunately, after only 6 miles I've already got blisters. I don't remember getting blisters with the Mizuno's... not even when they were new. I've decided to take advantage of their 15 day return policy and swap them out for a different shoe.

  • My friend Erica is faced with the decision of whether or not her adorable son should get a Baclofen Pump and if so when? This is something that we have considered for Crew. I'm amazed at the daily "Google" hits that bring people to my blog when they are searching for information about the pump. There are many pro's and con's to consider. Crew is taking Baclofen orally and this helps him but also causes him to drool and makes him weak in other areas. We don't know if the oral Baclofen or his spasticity contributes to his inability to speak. Placing the pump is a little frightening but what scares me the most is the 10% chance of having a kinked catheter. This could cause withdrawal symptoms and during the stage when they experiment with dosages there is a possibility of overdose. The biggie though is that the pump is the size of a hockey puck. I've seen the pump and I'll tell you right now that Crew's little tummy doesn't have anything to it. He is skin and bones. Ah, decisions!

  • My new job. I'm in training for a new position at the Dr.'s office where I've worked for the past year. I'm looking forward to something different but for the next little while my head will be spinning.
Well that was pretty random, wasn't it!

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