Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Works for Me - Topstick tape

This is my first Works for Me Wednesday attempt. Crew got his hearing aids at 8 months old and one month later the glasses. Okay, have you ever tried to keep a baby or toddler equipped with hearing aids and glasses. I know, I know, you are thinking .... um no! Well, I'll tell ya' , it isn't easy! The audiologist recommended this really cool double sided tape called TOPSTICK.

It is actually made to stick a hairpiece to the scalp. Designed for the balding man. It is skin friendly and works great for sticking the hearing aids to the side of his head. It comes in 1" X 3" strips and then I cut them into smaller pieces to fit on the side of the hearing aid (the part that goes behind his ear) where I stick the aids to his head. This keeps the aids right where I need them so that the glasses will sit on top of the aids. I've found that if I don't do it this way either the aids will fall out or the glasses will slip down to the bottom of his nose because the glasses are sized to sit on top of the aids.

Fortunately, I've found this tape quite handy for multiple projects. Crafts, pictures, etc. At Christmas time I use the tape to attach 3 long pieces of pretty ribbon to the wall in a row, vertically. Does that make sense? Then I stick Christmas cards on top of the ribbon so that the cards are displayed in an organized fashion. I love displaying the cards on the wall and it looks really nice with the ribbon as backdrop. Its hard to explain but I actually got the ribbon/Christmas card display idea off of the Today show a couple of years ago and I have loved it. The TOPSTICK has worked great at keeping the ribbon and the cards up on the wall.

I buy the TOPSTICK at the local beauty supply store.

Thanks to Rocks in my Dryer for hosting "Works for Me Wednesday".


  1. I wish that they used this same
    adhesive on heart monitors.

    It sounds like it's gentle, but it
    stays in place.

    When our daughter was younger, she had to wear a heart monitor all the time for awhile and the adhesive was really rough on her skin.


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  3. (I had a typo before)

    Clever! My friend sells Irish Dancing supplies and the dancers use wig glue to keep their socks up and not slouching down as the dance.

    I am a big fan of double-stick tape for card and paper-making projects.

    This week, I'm not collecting clutter

  4. What a great idea! If only I and my child weren't allergic to tapes! Darn it! :P I'm glad it works for you tho! I've heard horror stories of kids flushing hearing aids down the toilet! ICK!

  5. I wonder if this would also let me stick bows on my bald babies? : )

  6. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Neat tip!

  7. Tracy: I know what you mean about the heart monitor stickies. Those babies are brutal.

    Udandi: That is cool about the wig adhesive used to keep socks up. I would have never thought of that.

    Dawnyel: Allergic to tapes! That is horrible. I'm sorry.

    Nettie: Your so cute. I don't think I could put it on my babies head. If there was even as much as peach fuzz ... it would rip it off those cute little ones.

    Awesome Mom: Thanks for commenting. I don't know how you do it all. I guess its because you are "the awesome mom".


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