Monday, May 15, 2006

Soccer Firsts

Having fun? This is an important question coming from my yellow yellow H. And the answer this season is YES, YES, YES! Wow! What a season it has been. Major improvements and lots of fun. H was able to play for the U6 level this year. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and almost a little too hot. At this age level they play the short field version with 4 on 4. Since their are only 4 players on his team they all get to play the whole game. The smaller field gives each child many opportunities to kick the ball and score. Also, many many chances for "throw ins". This has become one of H's favorite things. One particular game he made such a point to retrieve the ball EVERY time it went out of bounds. It didn't matter if his team had the throw in or not, H would chase after the ball often times tackling another player to get to it first. I was a little embarrassed that my child was getting so physical and we had to have a talk. But I couldn't be too hard on him-- after all.... he is just HAVING FUN which is a nice change from last year.

This season was H's first for MAKING GOALS! It really clicked for him this year and he was able to score several goals almost every game. What a great opportunity for building self esteem! Yeah!

H's, best friend, J was also on the team. This is great! These two little guys are so much fun together. They are funny little kids and after one game H made this comment "Since J is so good at making goals I just pass the ball to him". WAY TO GO TEAM!

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  1. What a dang beautiful picture!

    And what a handsome little man.

    Yellow. You crack me up.

    I am glad you found your own little place!


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