Monday, May 22, 2006

Developmental Milestone

The coolest thing happened- we have reached a new milestone with Crew! The other day S & H got down a box of little matchbox cars. They played with them for several hours. Later, I sat Crew in the big recliner chair with the box of cars next to him. He played with them but not the way you would expect. He just kind of stirs them up, picks each one up then drops it, looks at another- throws it, takes them all out of the box then puts them back in, out and in. Well, after quite some time I think it's time for something different. I pick Crew up and he suddenly starts screaming, arches his back, cries louder. He's throwing a fit, a 2-year old temper tantrum. I love it! I am laughing because it is so age typical. I love it when something like this happens. It makes me feel so happy knowing that he has hit this developmental milestone. So.... I test it out again today. I put him in the chair, he plays with the cars. After about an hour I pick him up and what do you know.... he freaks out again. LOL. I put him back in chair- he stops crying. I talk to sister on phone for 45 minutes while he plays happily. I CELEBRATE! OPEN A DIET COKE AND KICK UP MY FEET. Little Crew has taught me so much and celebrating the little things in life is one of them!

This little man is so much fun. His personality is so happy, curious, and fun. We went to some friends home for a BBQ yesterday. They have 2 dogs. A big dog and a little dog. Sorry, that's all I know about dogs. Anyway, he is just loving these dogs. He watches everything they do and giggles . Crew wants to be mobile and is working so hard. He is walking back and forth (with me holding his hands) chasing the dogs. He was constantly on the move the whole time we were there. He even kissed the big dog right on the mouth. I couldn't believe it! Where did he learn this. We don't have any pets! He definately has a love for animals. Hmmmmmmm...... I wonder where he got that from?


  1. Oh. I love those precious milestones. LOVE them.

    I clearly remember the first time Ethan showed interest in toys at all. What a day that was, and by the by, I celebrate the same way, with HUGE smiles and a diet cola.

    I just think that is great!

  2. I'm linking ya up, Mel. Hope thats alright!

  3. Thanks Lisa! I am still figuring all of this out.

  4. Congrats on the milestones. My boys are ADHD and Bipolar. I know that is nothing compared to Crew or Ethan. It has its challanges though and it has it's milestones too. I say boys but they are men now. 25 and 21. My youngest had several learng disabilities and I still remember the Day he finely learned his ABC's. (3rd grade). It was fantastic. I hope it is ok if I link you on my blog. By the way I am Lisa M's sister. Have a great day

  5. milestones the rewards, we as parents must cherish, record and share!

  6. I found my way here through lisa m.'s blog. Celebrating the little things makes life joyful! I am happy for you and your little Crew.


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