Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Same as Before

So... I've been gone from blogging world for awhile! Yes, over a year!!! I think about all our little cyber friends often and hope all is well. Originally, I started blogging as a way to connect with other moms who are struggling with their little miracles. For many years it saved me... As I have watch the kids Crew's age who live locally progress and move on I am constantly reminded of how different our journey has been. But then to watch the micropreemies and other kids with challenges progress and surpass where we are it creates a different pang of discomfort. Why are we making such little progress? Is it something I've done wrong or not done well enough? How do I balance my time between 3 kids and still provide well enough for all of them.

Often times people will ask how Crew is doing. How do I answer that question? Sometimes I try to tell them that we are really struggling but is the truth really what they want to hear? Truth of the matter is... I've been gone for a year and quite honestly...we are the same as before. Struggling. Struggling to communicate, struggling to ambulate... and FRUSTRATED! The frustration isn't going to go away. I just need to learn how to manage it. We have seen multiple doctors, therapist, and tried many medications and it seems we are back to square one.

The last few months I have had numerous experiences that have caused me to reflect on where we are in this journey. It has been super hard. Knowing that this journey is a lifelong journey can be daunting but I am eternally grateful for the experiences I have had. I am not the same person I was eight years ago and I know that these experiences have molded me into a stronger person. I am also so grateful for the light that Crew brings into our home. He is a delightful little boy (when he is feeling well) and his contagious smile and infectious laughter is a blessing to our family. I know that our little family is together for a reason and all of us need each other. That may sound strange to some but it is what I know.

Hope to post some updates soon and get back into picture taking mode. Hugs to all!

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