Friday, March 19, 2010

Phenol Injections

The past month has been crazy around here. The day after Crew's birthday we headed down to Primary's for phenol injections. We've done the botox several times but it just hasn't been making a huge difference so we decided to try phenol. With the phenol you have to be sedated. It was a very minor procedure. They checked us in and we waited in this boring room for about an hour... no magazines, no windows, no toys. I was really feeling sorry for those who have to spend very much time in the hospital.

Once they took Crew back we waited about 15 minutes before we got to see him. He did really well recovering from the sedation. Once he was eating and drinking they sent us home. The nurse got a kick out of Crew's passion for cheetos. He wouldn't take his eyes off the cheetos and the bag was gone within a few minutes. This was great for us because we were discharged quickly.

Phenol was injected into his hamstrings and adductors. Botox was injected into his hamstrings and gastrocs. I had no idea how much the spasticity in his adductors was limiting him until it was reduced. We are seeing a huge improvement in Crew's mobility. Not sure how long it will last so we've been doing lots of walking and physical therapy since.

Little man likes to dress himself;) His shoe fettish usually involves dress shoes and quite often chooses non matching shoes. I got a kick out of the "two left feet" on this particular day. What I will do to keep him happy! *sigh*

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