Monday, February 16, 2009

February ramblings

I've been away too long. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to sit at my computer with the bulk of my stresses and worries gone. The last 10 days have been crazy!

Carl and I met with the school district and the deaf school to discuss Crew's transition to USD. After filling out mounds of paperwork it looks everything is clear for him to start tomorrow. The bus driver drove all the way up here to discuss transportation today. Crew will be the first picked up and the last dropped off which is exactly the opposite of what we hoped. We looked at carseat options and decided that I will drive him to school the first two days until they are able to locate a 5-point harness for him (my request). I'm good with this because I'm worried about the transition anyway so providing the transportation for the first couple of days will hopefully help him ease into his new world. Carl will be visiting part way through the first day and joining the preschoolers during their Tuesday swim day. Again, our choice! Crew is going to love swimming.

Also, I somehow survived the following:
  • 6th grade science project. I'm pretty sure it meant more to me than my 11 year old.
  • Teaching RS about the Parables of Jesus. Big stressor for me... but like I said, "I survived".
  • Children with the flu.
  • Crew's right ear tube falling partially out and then getting removed by the ENT.
  • Crew molded for new DAFO's.

On a good note, I enjoyed:

  • The best sugar cookies ever.
  • Morning runs.
  • A date with the hubby at "Roosters", flowers, and a day to myself. Took myself shopping... wahoo!

Honestly, I hope to not be as absent here in the near future.

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