Thursday, September 14, 2006

Until next year

Tues night was our last session of hippotherapy. Crew was able to ride the big big white horse named Zane. When Crew is concentrating on something he gets really really quiet. During his half hour horse therapy each week Crew would get extremely quiet and turn on the smiles. It was clear, even to those who don't know Crew well, that he was having fun. After our "not so great" first experience, I decided Crew would do better if I was a side walker. With the therapeutic horseback riding there is one person leading the horse and two sidewalkers (one on each side). The sidewalkers are responsible for keeping the legs in position and keeping the rider upright. Crew tried really hard to sit up tall and keep his head up. We also had him ride the horse backwards. Then forward on all fours (like in a crawling position) and then backward on all fours. It was a lot of fun. Sadly, in our area there aren't anymore opportunities for Hippotherapy until next summer. We loved you Zane... goodbye... until next year!


  1. Sounds like he did a fabulous job at that kind of therapy! :) It's a good thing kids are quick learners!

  2. Hippotherapy? Sounds like he was riding a horse... not a hippo? I'm so confused... not that its hard to confuse me or anything. Sounds neat!

  3. I am so glad that you did Hippa. I think it has been fantastic, for E.

    Ah, Zane. Beautiful.

  4. I wish I could have seen him on that horse! That would be so neat if C could do that sometime.


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